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Lecture Programme 2020 - 2021

8th October.    Mark Hill

Undressing Antiques 

Introduction to buying antiques and integrating and using them in today's homes


12th November.   Nigel Bates

Tantrums and Tiaras 

A look at backstage life at the Royal Opera House


10th December.   Claire Walsh

Jane Austen's Christmas

The festive season in the Georgian era. 

14th January.   Dr Tom Flynn

Tulip Mania in Golden Age Holland

the story of one of the most fascinating investment "bubbles" in the history of economics

11th February.   Sian Walters

The Guggenheim Museum, Bilbao and the

Architecture of Frank Gehry

11th March.   Hilary Williams

Bernini's Stupendous Sculpture in the Villa Borghese

8th April.   Susie Hodge

The Artists of the Glasgow School

13th May.   James Butterwick

Provenance Matters.

The mass fakings of the Russian Avante Garde on the World Art Market 2010 - 2018

10th June.  Harry Venning

The Art of the Cartoonist

The history of the profession

8th July.   Daniel Robbins

A Private Palace of Art

Frederic Studio - House

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