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Programme of Lectures 2022 - 2023

13th October: Dr Caroline Levisse

Paul Cezanne, The Pure Painter

With an exhibition of Cezanne's work newly opened

at the Tate Gallery, Caroline will open our eyes to his

paintings and explain why he was seen by many

younger artists as "the father of modern art"

10th November: Georgina Bexon

Arts of the Mughal World

From Mughal miniatures to the exquisite design and

ornamentation of imperial palaces and tombs, this

talk considers the fascinating fusing of Persian,

European, and indigenous Indian influences that

produced this glorious work.

8th December: Barry Venning

Christmas with Giles' Grandma and the Family

For many people Giles' cartoons were part of


Barry will take a look at Giles's life and work

with a particular emphasis on his seasonal cartoons.


12th January: Hilary Williams

Hogarth: a Harlot, a Rake and a Marriage

William Hogarth (1697 - 1764) aimed to be the first,

native born leader of the British School of Painting.

As a Londoner, he was in a city which claimed to be

"the capital of the world" during his lifetime. With

great wealth, there was great social deprivation.

Hogarth used his art, especially his remarkable prints,

to spread a social message. 

9th February:  Mark Meredith

When Winters were Wonderful: Life and Leisure

in the Canada of Yester Year

For the officers of the British Empire, "no quarters

in the world were as delightful as Quebec" and it was

in winter that the Canadian social fife sprang to life.

Through art and anecdotes Mark will lead us in a

nostalgic look back at when winter was wonderful. 

9th March: Jacqui Ansell

Pins and Poking Sticks: Decoding Dress in Shakespeare's Time

Elizabethan and Jacobean portraits will be decoded, focusing on

the life (and untimely death) of Prince Henry and the sartorial

splendour of his sister's wedding in 1613

13th April: Aaron Hunter

The Dinosaur Sculptures of Crystal Palace Park

Explore the World's first dinosaur models hidden in a

South London Park. Created in the 1850s, we will

look into the history and science behind these

Grade 1 listed architectural structures.

11th May: Jane Gardiner

Through a Glass Darkly: A Study of Glass Through

the Eyes of the Artist

Artists over the centuries have included transparent glass

objects in their paintings, taking huge delight in

capturing the shadow and reflection seen within the glass

as well as displaying their skill in portraying what lies

behind and beyond.

8th June: Dr Lois Oliver

Rosa de Bonheur (1822 - 1899): A Bicentenary


One of the most celebrated artists of her time, French

painter Rosa de Bonheur had an extraordinary gift

for painting animals that brough here international

fame and recognition.

13th July: Tony Rawlins

Baroque on a Roll: The Rise in Popularity of

Classical Music and its Influence on Today's Media

A talk with film clips, soundtracks and live music.

Tony will explore how it has enhanced feature films;

made some commercials more memorable and how

a work by an obscure 17th Century German composer

has become the Number 1 music for weddings and


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